mCal Dual Solutions Elevate Team Coordination and Efficiency

EEquip your team with tools tailored for seamless collaboration, allowing them to collectively nurture leads and finalize deals with precision.

  • Team-Centric Lead Tracking and Management
  • Collaborative Automated Follow-ups
  • Customizable Team Email Templates
  • Group Appointment Scheduling
  • Efficient Lead Assignment to Team Members

Facilitate team synergy in creating powerful presentations and proposals, ensuring uniformity while catering to individual client needs.

  • Collaborative Proposal Generation
  • Unified Brand Experience Across Teams
  • Library Access for Team-Driven Template Choices
  • Team-Synced Proposals for Specific Client Requirements
  • Seamless Multi-Member Collaboration on Projects.

Stay Synchronized in Prospect Engagements

With moCal's pre- and post-meeting automation, ensure every team member is aligned and informed at every stage. Streamline team communications with automated email reminders and coordinated follow-up meeting requests. moCal facilitates seamless team interactions, fostering a collaborative approach to build enduring relationships with prospects.

Streamline Your Team's Sales Operations Like Never Before

My Calendar

Synchronize team schedules with Alexa, Siri, or Google Calendar through moCal. Spend less time coordinating and more on action. Effortlessly allocate events, set reminders, and coordinate timings, ensuring everyone is on the same page.

Availability Preference

Equip your team with tools that allow collective control over availability. Utilize granular tools and scheduling buffers to ensure everyone's time is respected and maximized.

Team Schedule

Increase team synergy by viewing and harmonizing team availabilities, eliminating unnecessary email back-and-forth. Provide a more diverse range of available slots for internal and external meetings.

Calendar Connection

Ensure the whole team has access to up-to-date schedules by synchronizing up to six calendars per member. Harmonize team appointments and avoid clashes.

Work Flow Analytics

Design team-centric workflows and automate communications before and after team meetings or client interactions.

Routing Forms

Capture vital lead information and swiftly direct them to the right team member, ensuring quick and effective responses.

Personal Branding

Let moCal reflect your team's unique identity. Customize the calendar interface to align with your team's brand, presenting a united front to clients.

Set Reminders

Ensure no team member misses vital appointments. Integrate reminders with Alexa, Siri, or Google Calendar, keeping the entire team aligned and proactive.

Meeting Polls

Leverage moCal's Meeting Polls to identify optimal times for team meetings, making scheduling more efficient and collaborative.

Smart Follow Up

Strengthen relationships with leads and clients as a team. Use Smart Follow Up to send cohesive, team-branded communications, nurturing engagement.

moCal Commands

Enable team members to manage sales appointments anytime, anywhere, using voice commands integrated with Alexa, Siri, or Google Calendar.

Data Security

moCal prioritizes your team's sales data with stringent security protocols, ensuring that all team interactions and information remain secure and compliant.

Streamlined Scheduling For Collective Achievements

Whether it's a brief check-in, an in-depth team brainstorm, or a strategic discussion, moCal ensures all team interactions are seamlessly integrated. From facilitating internal sync-ups to managing larger team collaborations, moCal aids in orchestrating a harmonized agenda that engages every member. Easily coordinate diverse meeting types like strategy evaluations, product demos, technical discussions, and more.

Strengthening Team Connectivity and Cohesion

Keeping a team aligned and updated can be challenging. With moCal, ensure that every teammate, from junior members to leadership, is on the same page. By offering a unified platform, moCal removes scheduling chaos and guarantees timely team coordination, ensuring that everyone moves forward together, without hitches.

Unify moCal & Google Calendar For Seamless Scheduling

By syncing moCal with Google Calendar, teams can effortlessly align their tasks and timelines, ensuring everyone is on the same page, regardless of the platform they prefer. This cohesive integration guarantees that no team commitment is overlooked, promoting collaborative efficiency. Whether the agenda involves project deadlines, team meetings, or brainstorming sessions, merging moCal with Google Calendar ensures your team stays in harmony.

Streamline Team Tasks with Your Voice

Visualize a scenario where entire teams can promptly modify timetables, establish reminders, and pull up project data using mere voice commands. moCal’s integration with Alexa & Siri paves the way for a hands-free approach, elevating team productivity and fostering collaborative multitasking.

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